Our members keep bees in both private and community gardens. The following East London apiaries are open to the public.

St Mary’s Secret Garden

A real gem of a garden in the heart of an estate in Hackney. Zoe runs the Golden Company, a social enterprise based at St Mary’s Secret Garden.

King Henry’s Walk Garden

Located in Mildmay, this tranquil garden has an apiary and beekeeping courses as well as a number of small allotments used by local residents. There are also several events throughout the year.

Hackney Community Tree Nursery

The Tree Nursery and Edible Forest Garden is a community operation, run by volunteers on Hackney Marsh. The Forest Garden provides a model for growing food using nature as its template, i.e mimicking the woodland structure. They have two Warré hives, low maintenance frameless hives in which bees build their own wild comb.

Hackney City Farm

Farming right in the heart of the city.

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